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Varieties of Sansevieria

Varieties of sansevieria come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but all are sturdy evergreen perennials that are famous for their ability to improve indoor air quality. They are also incredibly adaptable and can grow in most conditions provided they are not overwatered. In fact, overwatering is kryptonite for sansevieria. In addition, they do not like to be moved suddenly from a bright sunlit area to shady areas or vice versa. This type of shock can cause them to suffer from stunted growth and leaf chlorosis.

How can I improve my snake plant growth?

Most of the more common varieties are readily available online and in large garden centres. The most well known are the trifasciata which are typically dark green with grayish-green cross bands but can also be found in yellow-green (‘Laurentii’) or silvery grey leaves (‘Silver Hahnii’). They normally grow to 6 inches in height and fit nicely into confined spaces where taller snake plants won’t grow. You are likely to see them in most modern offices and restaurants for this reason.

The burmanica is a little more rare but just as easy to care for as the trifasciata. Also known as the Whale Fin or Shark Fin Plant it produces a single long leave that curves upwards to form the shape of a whale or shark fin. It has the same mottled green as most sansevieria but mature plants or those grown in low light conditions tend to be darker with thinner red or orange edges. Once you get a good established plant it is very easy to maintain as it is extremely fast growing and able to tolerate a broad range of household temperatures. The trick with this one is to keep the soil slightly loose by adding some grit or perlite. This will help prevent the roots from becoming surrounded by too much water which is how they become prone to rot.

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