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More about Zyair

About Zyair Hayes

Zyair Hayes is an expert at Friends of Cardigan Bay, a conservation charity in Wales. He has always had a passion for the natural world and for protecting it for future generations.

Growing up, Zyair was surrounded by nature and his parents encouraged him to explore the outdoors. He studied geography at university and went on to specialize in marine conservation. After completing his studies, he worked as a project manager with a number of different charities, eventually finding his way to Friends of Cardigan Bay in 2020.

At Friends of Cardigan Bay, Zyair is responsible for leading campaigns to protect the wildlife that inhabits the bay and its surrounding areas. He works with local communities to restore habitats and promote sustainable fishing practices. His team also advocates for stronger regulations around plastic pollution in the area.

Zyair has become an outspoken public figure in Wales, participating in debates about how best to protect the environment from human activity and speaking at events about how we can all help conserve nature’s beauty. His work has been featured on BBC Radio Wales as well as in newspapers throughout the UK.

In his free time, Zyair enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends exploring nature trails or visiting