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How to Wear Brown Linen Pants

brown linen pants

The warm weather is beckoning, and that means linen clothing is once again in fashion. But, as a natural fabric that wrinkles easily, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you invest in these versatile pants. A few key tips on how to wear brown linen pants will ensure you look sharp and feel comfortable in this summer staple.

With a tailored fit that taper slightly at the ankle, these wide-leg brown linen pants  from Moss 1851 are the perfect combination of put-together professionalism and casual comfort. The dark-brown tone is a refreshing change from the typical white and accentuates your legs without feeling too heavy. The front button closure offers a nod to menswear trouser style while the elastic waistband keeps your hot-weather wardrobe in balance between formal and casual.

Timeless Style: Men’s Brown Linen Pants for a Classic and Versatile Look

For a look worthy of a gentleman, pair these brown linen pants with a light blue long-sleeve shirt for an ensemble that will make you feel confident and utterly refined. Then, finish with a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers to really elevate your ensemble.

A go-to for plus-size stylist Meaghan O’Connor, this linen crop pant from J.Jill is available in misses, womens and tall for a truly inclusive summer wardrobe. The high-waisted fit and front fly with buttons evoke the design of a traditional trouser while the cotton linen fabric keeps your legs cool and comfortable. The relaxed cut and side pockets offer a more laidback look you can wear with a plain or patterned tank top or blouse.

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