Friends of Cardigan Bay Blog How to Prepare For the Ontario Property and Casualty (OTL) Exam

How to Prepare For the Ontario Property and Casualty (OTL) Exam

The otl exam is a prerequisite for insurance agents who want to sell property and casualty insurance in Ontario. It is also known as the Other Than Life (OTL) insurance license and is administered by FSRA. To become an OTL agent, you need to be sponsored by a licensed insurer. The sponsoring insurer is responsible for confirming that you meet all licensing requirements, and for managing the OTL licence application process. The sponsorship fee typically covers the cost of the licence for the first two years. Learn more

If you already have a CIP designation or cleared the RIBO 1 exam, you may be exempt from writing the full OTL insurance agent’s exam. You will need to submit an email confirmation of resignation from RIBO with your registration id and date of resignation to be eligible for this exemption.

Foundations of Success: Navigating the Path to a Level 1 Insurance License in Alberta

Getting ready for the insurance agent’s exam is about more than just studying the course material. It’s about practicing how to apply the material in an exam context and dealing with the way the questions are asked on the actual exam. These are things that many students struggle with, even though they know the material well.

We offer 1000 OTL practice exam questions that are geared towards helping you get better at answering the types of questions they will ask on the real exam. This will dramatically increase your chances of passing the exam and save you time, money, and frustration. You can choose to write your exam online using our Virtually Proctored Online Exams or in person at one of our Institute exam centres.

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