Friends of Cardigan Bay Internet How to Find Good SEO Keywords Without Spending a Fortune

How to Find Good SEO Keywords Without Spending a Fortune

How to find good seo keywords? Keyword research is the foundation of good content marketing. Finding the right keywords for your website can be tricky, especially with the thousands of annual algorithm changes that Google makes to search.

Is SEO easy?

But you don’t need to have the best or most expensive tool in the world to get great SEO keywords. In fact, there are some excellent free tools online that can help you find the right keywords for your business.

The first step in the process is to understand how keyword research works and what it can tell you about your audience. It’s easy to plug a couple of words into SEMrush or Moz and come up with loads of information, but it’s only useful if you understand how the keywords fit into your audience’s search behavior.

You can get a good sense of what people are searching for by looking at the search results pages in your own industry. Search for a few popular terms and look at the search volume and competition numbers. For example, if you type “blogging” into Google, you’ll see that the number of searches is relatively high, but the competition is also quite high, which means it would be challenging to rank well for those keywords.

You can also learn a lot about your audience by looking at the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites. A quick search on SpyFu can reveal all the keywords your competitors are targeting, but you’re not. You can use this intel to create your own list of keyword opportunities and target those terms with your content.

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