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How to Contest a Traffic Ticket

Traffic ticket

A Traffic ticket is a written notice that is issued by a police officer to an individual who has violated state or city traffic laws. The citation indicates the specific New York Vehicle and Traffic Law sections the driver is accused of violating, the maximum fines and NYS surcharges that could apply, and the location and officer’s information. The citation also contains an area where the driver can indicate that they wish to contest the charges by either responding via postal mail or in person at a court appearance.

Contesting a Traffic ticket involves going to court to present evidence in order to prove that you didn’t commit the offense for which you were cited. In most cases, traffic tickets are classified as civil infractions rather than misdemeanors. This means that the penalties are less severe and may not impact your insurance rates as much.

Demystifying Traffic Tickets: Understanding the Process and Your Options

Prior to the hearing, you should review the specific code sections that the officer claims you violated. Break each section down into its elements and determine if the law was actually applied properly. If the officer’s observation or testimony is inaccurate, presenting physical evidence such as photos can be an effective way to get the case dismissed.

After both sides have presented their evidence, the judge will make a decision. Typically, the judge will either dismiss the case or require you to pay the fine. In some cases, the judge will be willing to reduce your fine if you agree to attend traffic school in order to keep the points off your record. The exact procedures vary by jurisdiction.

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