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Street Photography Lightroom PresetsStreet Photography Lightroom Presets

Whether you want to achieve classic black and white compositions, washed-out film effects or dramatic night shots, these street photography lightroom presets are perfect for enhancing your photos with an artistic flair. The collection offers a spectrum of stylised filters, from subtle and muted to vibrant and punchy.

How do I add CC presets to Lightroom?

Each filter adds a distinctive effect to your images, creating a different atmosphere. For instance, CN09 gives your images a muted blue tint, while CN12 brings a vibrant teal look to your photos. If the teal looks too unnatural, simply use the hue slider to bring the colour back to a more natural state.

The street photography presets work for both urban and landscape shots, giving them a creative look. You can also use these presets for people pictures, as they will soften skin tones and make your subjects stand out against the backdrop. In addition, these presets will give your shots a matte finish, allowing you to create a moody atmosphere and blur out shadows.

This Lightroom collection was designed with cityscapes, street portraits and urban scenes in mind. It includes 50 one-click presets that are suitable for a wide range of situations and lighting conditions. Each preset is easy to customize with the three-dot menu, which allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and other parameters. You can also create a custom preset to save your changes, which will speed up the editing process and allow you to apply a consistent style across your photos.