Friends of Cardigan Bay Blog Big Canvas Pictures Make a Big Home Decor Statement

Big Canvas Pictures Make a Big Home Decor Statement

Adding big canvas pictures to your home’s walls brings color, depth and interest to a space. Hanging on their own or as part of a gallery wall, they’re a great way to showcase your favorite portraits and create a beautiful home decor statement. Whether you’re looking for an image that captures an event or an art style, there’s something to suit your taste and decorating preferences.

Which is better canvas or acrylic?

Large wall art prints can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Capture a favorite family photograph to show off the beauty of your loved ones, or go big with a photo collage that features photos from a special occasion like a wedding or vacation.

You can even add an extra touch to your canvas print by personalizing it with text. Easily add dedications, witty quotes and other important details to your print. You can also choose to leave the text black for a more dramatic effect or use white for an elegant, modern look.

There are many styles that translate well to canvas, including traditional paintings and botanicals. These designs can be a beautiful foundation for a gallery wall in your living room.

Line drawings and illustrations also work well on canvas, especially when they’re printed with a light background to emphasize their shapes and lines. Try Sonya Percival’s Watermelons or Amanda Pheps’ Cactus Line Drawing for bold yet playful prints. Watercolors are another classic choice, with their softer colors and tones.

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