Among Us Hacks

among us hacks

Launched in 2018, Among Us is the surprise online hit that’s swept the world. It’s a social deduction game in which players assume the role of colorful armless astronauts aboard a spaceship. Most of the crew are regular humanoids, but a small number are impostors bent on torpedoing the ship’s progress. The crewmates win by completing tasks, voting off impostors in meetings, and identifying the backstabbers in time to kill them before they tamper with crucial systems or sabotage the ship.

It’s a simple premise that takes advantage of the empathetic and sociable nature of among us hacks to create an engaging game. But Among Us isn’t without its problems, thanks to the ever-growing community of cheaters. As the popularity of the title continues to rise, so do hacks for the game — some that let the impostors see ghosts, others that enable them to move super quickly or even kill the entire crew.

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One popular hack allows a player to use their microphone and talk into the voice comms to broadcast to the other crew members who they’re an imposter. YouTuber LoverFella tried it and found that it worked fairly well, although the Imposter might still be exposed if they don’t wait for their turn to speak.

Another way to cheat in Among Us involves the removal of the meeting cooldown, which requires a 10- to 60-second delay between emergency meetings. There’s also a show ghost chat hack that lets active players see the ghosts, including ejected and killed crew members.

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