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About Us


Raising awareness for conservation in Cardigan Bay through scientific research and community involvement.
Through campaigns and liaison with statutory and non-governmental bodies, FoCB aims to raise awareness of the challenges facing exquisite Cardigan Bay and vigorously monitor any impacts, thereby helping prevent new threats.


Cardigan Bay is one of the most important areas for marine wildlife in British waters. Unique and sensitive habitats exist here, such as sea caves, estuaries and rare stony reefs called ‘Sarnau’. Wildlife such as grey seals, bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoise are regularly seen from the coastline and, further out, Risso’s and common dolphins can be found.

General information

Land and boat-based surveys carried out by FoCB monitor and investigate the important seabird and marine mammal populations within Cardigan Bay. Ongoing research aims to investigate the habitats and species that exist within Cardigan Bay through collaborations with organisations such as Aberystwyth University and Seasearch. This information contributes to management strategies for Cardigan Bay so that humans can co-exist more harmoniously with this special marine environment.

We encourage FoCB members and the general public to actively participate in this research.



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